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Photo of a Pick-your-own farm
Tips For Visiting a Pick Your Own Farm


  • Remember that when you visit a farm, you are a welcome visitor. Like many farms, it is both the family's home and business. Respect their property;
  • Read and obey all signs. Follow directions about where and what to pick;
  • Supervise children at all times and be careful around ponds and other bodies of water;
  • Wear shoes, shirts and other proper clothing at all times;
  • Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a sunscreen and a hat;
  • Leave all pets at home;
  • Be sure to place all litter in the proper trash receptacles;
  • Keep head, arms, hands and legs inside when riding in farm wagons. Remain seated until the wagon stops;
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun!


  • Enter buildings that are not open to the public;
  • Throw or damage produce;
  • Climb on or touch farm tools and equipment. Many machines have sharp edges and moving parts;
  • Climb trees or step on fruits and vegetables in the field;
  • Frighten or hurt farm animals.
Tips For Visiting a Pick Your Own Farm
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