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Photo of a New Jersey Farm
NJ Farm Facts

Food and agriculture are New Jersey's third largest industry. As of 2017, the state has 9,000 farms covering 720,000 acres. Sales generated in 2015 totaled $1.043 billion. Retaining productive, taxpaying farmland is critically important to all New Jersey residents since agriculture is the largest single source of the scenic vistas we all enjoy throughout the year.

Farmers in the Garden State produce more than 100 different kinds of fruits and vegetables for consumers to enjoy either fresh or processed here in New Jersey and elsewhere in the Northeast, in Canada and in many countries around the world. In addition, growers also produced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of specialty crops that added a unique flavor to the Garden State's bounty. Vineyards, for example, are a growing segment of the industry, enabling the state's vintners to develop a wide variety of award-winning New Jersey wines.

New Jersey Agriculture Statistics
Number of Farms
Acres in Farming
Preserved Farmland
(As of 3/6/16)
Cash Receipts
$1.043 billion
(As of 2015)


Leading New Jersey Agriculture Sectors
Nursery/Greenhouse/Sod $355.7 million
Fruits and Vegetables $367 million
Field Crops $93.3 million
Equine $46 million
Poultry and Eggs $65.7 million
Dairy $22 million
New Jersey is a National Top-Ten Producer of Fruits and Vegetables
2016 Statistics
Prod. Value
Eggplant 2nd 14.8 million lbs. $5.2 million  800 
Cranberries 3rd 56.9 million lbs. $21.2 million 3,000
Spinach 3rd 30.7 million lbs. $10.9 million 2,400
Asparagus 4th 5.6 million lbs. $9.6 million 1,400
Bell Peppers 5th 63.3 million lbs. $20 million 2,300
Peaches 6th 42.2 million lbs. $27.6 million 4,700
Cucumbers 6th 66.7 million lbs. $16.8 million 3,100
Squash 6th 32.3 million lbs. $13.7 million 3,400
Tomatoes 7th 79.1 million lbs. $46.4 million 2,900
Apples 8th 36.0 million lbs. $32.6 million 1,800
Blueberries 8th 48.6 million lbs. $66.2 million 9,100


NJ Farm Facts
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